5 Reasons to Rent a Florida Beach Home

beach home

There are hundreds of fabulous resorts to choose from in central Florida, near the coasts and near southern Florida, including Key West and Miami. But we recommend renting a beach home for your Florida vacation.

You can find listings for Florida beach homes for rent online or on popular websites like airbnb.com. There are many benefits to renting a beach home in Florida:

(1) Location

You can’t beat the location of a beach home. After all, the home is right on the beach. What could be better than waking up in the morning, strolling just a few steps and finding yourself on the oceanfront?

The convenience of having all of your possessions, your food, your swimsuits and towels and all other necessities in your home just a few steps away is extremely appealing for many vacationers.

You also can avoid taxi rides or bus rides to and from the beach or the need to rent a car during your stay in Florida.

Be sure to read our post on the best beaches in Florida to help decide which beach to choose to rent a home on.

(2) Comfort

Hotels are nice but they’re not as comfortable as a home. You will not want to spend much time at all in a hotel and after 1-2 days you will start to miss the comfort of a home.

This won’t happen with a beach home. You will have several rooms to explore and relax in. Windows for views and of course, the easy access to the beach we mentioned above.

Assuming the owner has gone through the necessary steps of minor repairs, routine cleaning and even carpet cleaning and other professional services to prepare the home for your stay, you will feel right at home in a beach home during your vacation.

(3) Food

The most expensive part of traveling is the travel itself. The second most expensive part is eating. The cost of eating out at restaurants in the city you are visiting adds up fast. Especially in tourist destinations in Florida.

The food in restaurants often isn’t healthy either. You might find yourself feeling ill or under the weather if you eat too much restaurant food during your vacation.

A beach home will include a kitchen for you to prepare one or two or all three of your meals each day. You can prepare healthy meals for your family most of the trip and then head out to a restaurant once or twice for fun instead of out of necessity.

(4) Cost

It is not cheap to rent a beach home in Florida, but it is often cheaper than renting a hotel room for 5-7+ days. Then, as mentioned, you will also save money on food during the vacation and on taxi and bus fares too. In the end, you will find that the decision to rent a beach home is much cheaper than a hotel room or resort.

(5) Memories

The memories you will have from a stay in a Florida beach house will be amazing. You and your family will absolutely love the experience and might never want to stay in a hotel room again!