10 Must-Have Items for Disney World

disney world

There is nothing more fun than a day at Disney World. There are fun rides for the whole family, endless adventures and delicious restaurants too! What more could you want?

It’s hard not to have fun at Disney World if you bring everything you need. There are some items you won’t want to leave at home or the hotel room.


Here is our list of 10 Must-Have Items for Disney World:


We recommend you wear and baseball hat, sunhat or visor during the day at Disney World. Orland, Florida experiences very hot weather and bright sun during the middle of the day and the early afternoon. A hat will protect you from sunburn and help you to see better as you navigate the theme park. Be sure each of your children wear a hat too!


The one thing that can ruin a day at Disney World fast is a bad sunburn. You should bring enough suntan lotion so the entire family can apply a new layer every 1-2 hours. If you are not from Florida or a very warm climate, the sun will burn you even faster. Be diligent about applying suntan lotion very often, especially for children.


Require your children to wear a bracelet or necklace with ID on it and your cellphone number. Hopefully your family remains together all day long but should you get separated from your children the ID will help a staff member locate you and return your child safely.


Orland is known for its beautiful weather but there are occasional downpours from time to time. The rain usually doesn’t last long but you don’t want sopping wet clothes the entire day afterwards. We recommend you bring a poncho or a waterproof jacket for everyone in the family should a brief storm occur during the visit.


If you are visiting with children ages 5 and under, we definitely recommend a stroller. If you have multiple children, consider renting a double stroller at the theme park or from your hotel. You want to travel as light as possible. The stroller will offer additional storage for some of your items and provide a place for the children to rest their legs in-between attractions and perhaps take a brief nap if need be.


There are several attractions at Disney World where visitors will get wet. It is a good idea to pack swimsuits for these rides and attractions and then change out of them when you return to the many dry activities at the theme park.


This is obvious, but Disney World is not the cheapest place in the world to visit. Be sure to bring enough cash or credit cards for one or two meals and maybe a souvenir or two for the children.


There are various stations throughout Disney World to charge your cellphone. We recommend you bring your charger for your phone. You do not want your battery to run out and then have no way of contacting family members should you get separated at the theme park.


You should bring a couple of Band-Aids should any accidents occur. Sometimes children will get excited at Disney World and run and slip and fall. Most of the theme park is pavement so this could lead to a scrape and some minor bleeding.


In 2017, odds are your phone is your camera. But if you still enjoy using a real camera, you should definitely bring one for your day at Disney World as there are sure to be several memories you will want to capture on film!